Washington, D.C. - 2020 Spring Showcase

The following event is currently not accepting new registrations. Please contact us for further details.
  • Gender: Male
  • Price: One payment of $150.00
  • Additional Info:

    Maximum Exposure Basketball has been running clinics, showcases, and camps for young men and women since 2004. We are one of the oldest and most respected basketball exposure companies in the country. Every one of our events is run by a former or current COLLEGE or NBA coach. Like our name says, we truly do offer players Maximum Exposure!


    Recruiting Seminar for Players & Parents

    An educational session for you and your parents, relatives, or whoever else you'd like to attend given by a former Division I coach. This will include information about recruiting, academics, basketball development, and many other factors on and off the court that can help you put yourself in the best position to be recruited.

    Skill Development Session

    A skill session led by a former COLLEGE coach where you will learn and participate in drills that are regularly done by college basketball players. The skill work is intense and helpful, led by our staff of current and former college coaches.

    3 Game Guarantee

    You will play in at least 3 games. College coaches will be invited to all events.

    Player Evaluation (included in showcase cost)

    Please note that Division I coaches are no longer allowed to attend Showcases. If any other events are promising you that they are going to draw tons of coaches to a showcase you should be very cautious. This is why our evaluations are so key. No matter how many or how few coaches are in the gym, every coach in the country finds out about you. 95 percent of the players we've helped get scholarships have come from the evaluation, not the coaches being in attendance. A lot of players think being on You Tube or getting a mix-tape is going to get them a scholarship. College coaches are overwhelmed these days by the amount of emails they get from players and parents. They only have time to read the ones from unbiased sources that they trust.

    An honest evaluation of where you stand, what you do well, and what you need to improve on. We're not here to be your friend. We're here to HELP you. Evaluations are done in order to give you guidance from coaches who know what it takes and what other coaches are looking for. We then send these evaluations (only the positive parts) to every single coach in the country. The amount of exposure you get from attending one of our events is unmatched anywhere!

    Game Footage / Personal Mixtapes (additional cost)

    Our video company will be present at each Showcase. They are able to provide you game footage, individual mixtapes, or both. This is optional for each player and not included in the Showcase cost. For more info please visit:

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